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Continuous annealing furnace installation technology

Issuing time:2018-03-22 00:00

Because the installation of the continuous annealing furnace has the characteristics of large amount of work, high length, long equipment length, small equipment storage space, and equipment and structure, most of which are supplied with spare parts, the continuous annealing furnace construction requires a reasonable organization of labor force and labor. Equipment and equipment and other resources, the reasonable arrangement of construction processes and the implementation of a planned implementation, otherwise easily lead to confusion of equipment stacking, inconsistent coordination and other issues, which may affect the normal operation of the project.

When the continuous annealing furnace is installed, it can extend from the middle to the two ends to prevent the accumulation of errors, and follow the principle of first inside and outside, first under and then after, first after large and small. The installation of the steel structure of the furnace is to ensure that whoever installs it will be more conducive to the construction of the project and reasonably arrange the order of steel structures.

Reasonable and accurate installation is very important for the normal use of the subsequent continuous annealing furnace, so everyone should pay enough attention to it and try to solve the problem before installation.

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