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Annealing furnace technical knowledge

Issuing time:2018-03-22 00:00

Introduction of the technical knowledge of the annealing furnace

Uses: This well-type ball annealing furnace is suitable for bright annealing and tempering of steel strips, copper strips, wire rods and other workpieces. It is also used for heat treatment of other components.

Second, the main technical parameters:

1, rated power: 280KW ± 10%

2, rated voltage: 380V

3, rated temperature: 950 °C

4, the use of temperature: 0-950 °C

5, frequency: 50HZ

6. Number of phases: 3 phases

7. Working size: Φ1800×3000mm

8, empty furnace heating time: ≦ 1.5h

9, empty furnace power loss: 44KW

10, temperature control area: 3 area

11. Control method: P I D

12, furnace temperature uniformity: ± 10 °C

13. Connection method: Y

14, the maximum load: 5000kg

III. Furnace structure: This well-type ball annealing furnace is composed of furnace body, furnace lining, heating element, furnace liner, and control system and other accessories.

(1) The furnace body of the furnace is welded by using national standard steel and steel plates rolled into circular buckets. The angle steel coils are strengthened and the channel steel bases are structurally firm.

(2) The lining furnace refractories are made of ultra-lightweight firebrick, the lining is made of aluminum silicate fiber throwing silk blanket and perlite powder insulation, and the furnace cover is made of aluminized insulation box filled with vermiculite powder insulation.

(3) The heating element electric heating element adopts 0Cr25AL5 resistance wire produced by Shougang. It is placed on the rest bricks around the hearth in three zones. It is very convenient for installation and maintenance. The vacuum furnace gallbladder is made of aluminized steel plate rolled and welded, with a thickness of 14mm. The aluminized pot has a sealing knife and is sealed with a fine river sand. Furnace cover is made of 25mm carbon steel plate.

(5) Control system This well-type ball annealing furnace adopts temperature control thermocouple and Shanghai Guolong intelligent digital display temperature control instrument to control the temperature. The temperature controller can control according to the set temperature, and can display the theoretical value and actual measurement value. The system also features an over-temperature sound and light alarm function. The temperature records were recorded using the Shanghai Dahua Long Graph Temperature Recorder. The temperature of the furnace was recorded and the thermocouple was type K. Furnace temperature measurement compensation wire is connected to the furnace thermocouple by the instrument cabinet and provided by the supplier. The control execution system uses a high-power thyristor zero-crossing triggering system with a radiator and a complete air-cooling system. At the same time equipped with automatic air switch and fast fuse for secondary protection. Each group of electric heating elements is provided with on/off indications of ammeter, voltmeter and electric heating element, and has electric chain protection and safety grounding measures.

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